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It is our pleasure to introduce ourselves as the new provider of Cafe Bel Etage gourmet Swiss coffee in the United States.  Located in Denver, Colorado we have been supporting the local wholesale market here for over 15 years. Over that span of time we've perfected our skills and knowledge in the field of gormet coffee, espresso, and fine teas. We've also developed many personal relationships over the years, one of them being Alf Mildenberger, the former importer and distributor of Cafe Bel Etage. We wish Alf and his family the very best as they embark on the next chapter of their lives.
Let us not skip a beat in this transition. We look forward to building new relationships with all of the valued Cafe Bel Etage customers. It is our priority to provide you with your favorite gourmet Swiss coffee at the same price and reliable convenience you are used to. FREE SHIPPING will be offered as a continued incentive. Feel free to explore the benefits of online ordering through our brand new Cafe Bel Etage website. Here, you can order and pay with credit card all in one place. Your coffee will deliver to your doorstep within 3-5 business days via FedEx. If you feel more comfortable ordering by phone or online, we can be reached at the following extensions:
Toll free: 877-465-8034
Fax: 303-840-9584
Again, we are honored to be your newest source for Cafe Bel Etage. Looking forward to your partnership!
The Silver Service Team